Portable Recorder Olympus LS-100 – New recording gear in my studio?

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Today I discovered that Olympus company reveal brand new PCM recorder for musicians and sound recorders. It looks that I have new recording gear in my wish-list…

Olympus LS-100 (source: Olympus America website)

This beast is called Olympus LS-100 and looks as tool from future :) Parameters look very well: 4 GB internal memory extensible to 64GB and standard 92 kHz @ 24 bit recording resolution which is suitable for most audio recording situations.

We all knew that this is not Sound Devices 702 or higher, but features, price and portability sometimes matters :) If you are on budget you know what I mean.

I really love my “old” Olympus LS-11 it is major part of my recording gear. But new model offer some features which I am missing on LS11. Most missing feature is XLR connector(s) for microphone(s). I love portability of LS-11 but when you need to do some recording for small documentary you really need at least one boom microphone and contact microphone on wirelesses is big plus (minimally as backup). My Rode NTG-2 is possible to connect through special reduction to mini-jack connector but it is not ideal.

Big question is if it is possible to record more than to channels at same time in example to have recorded ambient sound on small tripod (with usage of onboard microphones) and also make some recording with two boom mics. According to “marketing” texts this feature is in my opinion impossible :/

Sometimes are changes good thing I can sell my old recording gear and buy this one. At first I am really impressed by this new stuff in Olympus family and it is time to find dealer in Czech Republic :)

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