Free plug-in from SoundToys

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Sound Toys announced new plugin called Radiator and you can grab lite version too with this link:

Grab Your Little Radiator

They also announced nice competition with chance to win whole life supply of SoundToys products (you will have all plugins from them including future releases).

SoundToys quote:

Little Radiator

Everyone needs a little warmth in their life. Little Radiator models the classic sound of the Altec 1566A mic preamp, and lets you spread some analog tube magic on your mixes. This was one of the main sounds from the classic Motown mixes, became a secret weapon of boutique producers, and is now a vital part of the sound of bands like the Black Keys. Why? Give it a listen and hear. Subtle warmth, or driving grit, all the things you need to shake the “clean” off of your computer recording. Now you’re getting that warm feeling.

Radiator. Coming April 2012

This upgrade from Little Radiator is based on the Altec 1567A (the 1566A’s big brother). It’s the next level in this classic sound with extra control and an extra SoundToys twist. Details coming soon.

A Bit of History

The unmistakable green-faced Altec gear, and in particular the 1566A and 1567A, played a big part in shaping the early “sound” of Motown between 1961 to 1964. Songs by greats like The Four Tops, The Marvelettes and The Supremes went through a 1567A mixer to the massive three track recorder. Ahhh, when life was simple. These mic preamps and mixers have a very colored warm sound and are very loud. The EQ is as simple as it gets, with one knob for bass, and another for treble. After Motown, and after much gear came and went, analog diehards began seeking out the 1566A and 1567A as inexpensive sources for real tube sound. Producer Matt Wallace was a very big fan. Butch Vig and Billy Bush are also fans. Check out our Gear Closet on the 1567A for even more info.

Nuendo 5 – cheaper way

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My dream come true. I bought original Steinberg Nuendo. And whats is amazing at less than half of price. How it is possible?

Steinberg offer very nice sales for upgrade program and if you have time for eBay, you can buy Nuendo 4 or 3 about 60 – 70 percent cheaper… Small step to big word of great post software.

Steinberg NUENDO 5

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Have you ever tried this? Fast powerfull. I am currently testing 120 day trial!? And I am amazed. Why do things complicated? Media bay – tool for media database maintain is very cool. And of course platform and hardware indipendency is big plus.

Always read manual…

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I am always skipping manuals. They are boring long sometimes without pictures. If these sentences fully describe your opinion it is time to change!!!

Before you start work with any manual supplied with software or hardware. I know that is not ideal when you need fast results immediately, but you can avoid misunderstood or disasters after. I also recommended to read manual before buying any software because technical description of products always lies. Trust me I work in big international company and I cooperate with PR. Manuals cannot lie because fully describe all features of soft (or hardware).

After reading of documentation of Steinberg Nuendo 5 i found that i have many plugins redundant and I have been able to work faster. And as bonus i found many useful tips for situation which i was unable to solve. Same story for FabFilter plugins.

Do not be under stress well known software is key for better performance and good results!

Clean-up VST mess

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I hate mess. But my VST folder was absolute mess. Do you think that you really need all plugins bundle and something more? That’s the point where you are absolute sound genius or absolutely beginner who only collect plugins and doing useless work – as I am to now :)

It’s spring I clean the mess now. I restrict my VST  plugins to Nuendo 5 standard plugins, FabFilter (eq, compresor),  NuGen (stereo pack) and excelent Compresor – Tube Tech CL1 from Softube and I am happy.

Bee happy clean up your VST (or RTAS) folder.

How to choose right DAW

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All major problem of all Americans or world blogs is concept that Avid Pro Tools is the industry standard. In this dogma I have tried to choose my right software as well as I can.

After one year of active working with sound and film I tried almost all major system except the Pro Tools – they haven’t trial?! It’s very hard well known software with something what I know from blogs, forums and social media like twitter or facebook. But what I can say From this experience is that your results is absolute independent on software an of course plugins..

Result is about skills, room acoustic, hardware and most important. creativity and critics listening.

Why I can said that? Simple. Take a look to all major software like sonar, Ableton or Cubase (and of course all other from your imagination) every software has in less 192 kHz support and minimal 32 bit floating point precision, all have some kind of usable basic plugins which you can replace with your favorite plugins (almost all major brands have similar licenses for RTAS and VST), in each software you can add video file – you can do basic post-production work.In conclusion you don’t need software as industry standard or best post-solution you need creative ideas and this is something what you can’t do by software…

And what is my final choice? Stay tuned!

What software for audio editing

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I am big fan of Ableton Live daw but this is good solution for music/sound creation but what to do when you arrived from session in nature and you need to clean the your records?

There are three main software on the market:

  • Sony Sound Forge – actual version is 10
  • Adobe Audition – actual version is 3
  • Steinberg WaveLab – actual version is 6

After about 2 months of research, watching tutorials and testing I haven’t winner each software has great futures but many cons. Whats is good in one is very bad in another, but I need anything good, intuitive and robust.

Result of my research is waiting to WaveLab 7 :/ I hope that Steinberg going to finish it soon :)