How to choose right DAW

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All major problem of all Americans or world blogs is concept that Avid Pro Tools is the industry standard. In this dogma I have tried to choose my right software as well as I can.

After one year of active working with sound and film I tried almost all major system except the Pro Tools – they haven’t trial?! It’s very hard well known software with something what I know from blogs, forums and social media like twitter or facebook. But what I can say From this experience is that your results is absolute independent on software an of course plugins..

Result is about skills, room acoustic, hardware and most important. creativity and critics listening.

Why I can said that? Simple. Take a look to all major software like sonar, Ableton or Cubase (and of course all other from your imagination) every software has in less 192 kHz support and minimal 32 bit floating point precision, all have some kind of usable basic plugins which you can replace with your favorite plugins (almost all major brands have similar licenses for RTAS and VST), in each software you can add video file – you can do basic post-production work.In conclusion you don’t need software as industry standard or best post-solution you need creative ideas and this is something what you can’t do by software…

And what is my final choice? Stay tuned!

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