Interesting article about Sound of Silence

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Today I read interesting article about impact of sound pollution to our environment. Although it is not connected to my core business – post-production and music. I think that is very important to think about it and make some decisions…

Article called  The Sound of Silence published on server Conde Nast Traveler:

There are fewer and fewer places to flee the cacophony of human activity, but much more is at stake than peace and quiet: The noise from gas drills, airplanes, and other industry is drowning out mating calls, disrupting migrations, and driving species to the brink. VIRGINIA MORELL reports on the world’s last quiet places


Sound and Noise in USA National Parks

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On our way through USA we really enjoy some national parks. I love wilderness and area of parks. But some things are same USA same as Europe is very noisy. Nice around us is very often disturbed with sound and noise pollution which has very negative impact on nature and also our living.

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Portable Recorder Olympus LS-100 – New recording gear in my studio?

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Today I discovered that Olympus company reveal brand new PCM recorder for musicians and sound recorders. It looks that I have new recording gear in my wish-list…

Olympus LS-100 (source: Olympus America website)

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Whats next?

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I look forward to publish my new compositions and some new sounds.

Also preparing big transformation of this blog, to first Czech specialized sound blog about sound editing, sound recording, post-production tricks and so on.

Special services, and classes in Prague an surrounding cities. Stay tuned…

Always read manual…

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I am always skipping manuals. They are boring long sometimes without pictures. If these sentences fully describe your opinion it is time to change!!!

Before you start work with any manual supplied with software or hardware. I know that is not ideal when you need fast results immediately, but you can avoid misunderstood or disasters after. I also recommended to read manual before buying any software because technical description of products always lies. Trust me I work in big international company and I cooperate with PR. Manuals cannot lie because fully describe all features of soft (or hardware).

After reading of documentation of Steinberg Nuendo 5 i found that i have many plugins redundant and I have been able to work faster. And as bonus i found many useful tips for situation which i was unable to solve. Same story for FabFilter plugins.

Do not be under stress well known software is key for better performance and good results!

Clean-up VST mess

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I hate mess. But my VST folder was absolute mess. Do you think that you really need all plugins bundle and something more? That’s the point where you are absolute sound genius or absolutely beginner who only collect plugins and doing useless work – as I am to now :)

It’s spring I clean the mess now. I restrict my VST  plugins to Nuendo 5 standard plugins, FabFilter (eq, compresor),  NuGen (stereo pack) and excelent Compresor – Tube Tech CL1 from Softube and I am happy.

Bee happy clean up your VST (or RTAS) folder.

Car-wash …. finaly

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After many obstructions which I am going to explain later here is car-wash:

Car-wash by bilekt3


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Next interesting sound: car-wash coming soon. Post processing….

New record

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Time is bitch, I haven’t time for anything what I love :(

But last weekend I made change. I recorded this sound of old tinny gate of our old rowing club hangar…

Tinny gate to old rowing club hangar by bilekt3

Total reconstruction

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OK, new year here and I have made many decisions related to my career and future being. This site is under total reconstruction – I will present new sounds every week. Preparing special library with Czech underground (useless but fun) and starting freelancer support for sound and music business.

Stay tuned…