Sound and Noise in USA National Parks

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On our way through USA we really enjoy some national parks. I love wilderness and area of parks. But some things are same USA same as Europe is very noisy. Nice around us is very often disturbed with sound and noise pollution which has very negative impact on nature and also our living.

You can discover more in interesting article from Oregon’s National Park called Crater Lake. In park newspaper Acoustic Technician Scott McFarland wrote about measuring impact of noise (unwanted sound) to environment in park.

There is nicely discussed impact of aircraft and fast cars. Nowadays is very hard to find really quite environment. This problem is very general because when you working in music industry you faced to similar problem – try to record nice dialogs in very quite environment. I have this problem very often.

I think that is time to think about sound and noise pollution. Dig into article and tell me what do you think. I started to jogging without MP3 player and trying to listen carefully what is happening around me…

Noise in Our National Praks - Text from Crater Lake Nationa Park Newspaper

Noise in Our Nationals Park - Author: Crater Lake National Park and Scott McFarland

You can read more in their newspapers or Crater Lake National Park website

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