Nuendo 5 – cheaper way

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My dream come true. I bought original Steinberg Nuendo. And whats is amazing at less than half of price. How it is possible?

Steinberg offer very nice sales for upgrade program and if you have time for eBay, you can buy Nuendo 4 or 3 about 60 – 70 percent cheaper… Small step to big word of great post software.

Always read manual…

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I am always skipping manuals. They are boring long sometimes without pictures. If these sentences fully describe your opinion it is time to change!!!

Before you start work with any manual supplied with software or hardware. I know that is not ideal when you need fast results immediately, but you can avoid misunderstood or disasters after. I also recommended to read manual before buying any software because technical description of products always lies. Trust me I work in big international company and I cooperate with PR. Manuals cannot lie because fully describe all features of soft (or hardware).

After reading of documentation of Steinberg Nuendo 5 i found that i have many plugins redundant and I have been able to work faster. And as bonus i found many useful tips for situation which i was unable to solve. Same story for FabFilter plugins.

Do not be under stress well known software is key for better performance and good results!