Interesting article about Sound of Silence

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Today I read interesting article about impact of sound pollution to our environment. Although it is not connected to my core business – post-production and music. I think that is very important to think about it and make some decisions…

Article called  The Sound of Silence published on server Conde Nast Traveler:

There are fewer and fewer places to flee the cacophony of human activity, but much more is at stake than peace and quiet: The noise from gas drills, airplanes, and other industry is drowning out mating calls, disrupting migrations, and driving species to the brink. VIRGINIA MORELL reports on the world’s last quiet places


First urban sound

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Today I switched to Audition and there is fading sound o leaving Metro train in Prague…


Uff, too many noise around me

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Yesterday, i make some recordings in the metro (underground) station with moving stairs and today I have some shots of my dog on parent’s garden… Material from garden (around 2 minutes of recording) is absolutely unusable because of day traffic planes and cars :( .

OK weekend is coming that I hope make some new sound and I will share it.