To sell or Not to sell, that’s a question

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As active musician I bought many gear.. Like others. Band need this. But these days I haven’t any band and no plans to “waste” time with small local band without any progress. I love playing my guitar with programmed bass and drums (I love XLN Audio – Addictive drums VSTi plugin).

My plans for future are audio programming, post production for indipendent and documentary films, recording and sound design for cinema, adverts and games. And now question what to do with “dusty” unused gear in my small studio?

It’s not simple question but 25W of full valve amp connected to my tuned pedal board isn’t good for neighbor relationship :)

Due the last year emulation of good guitar effects made big progress and I have decided to sell my pedal board (Nova Drive, Nova System, Pedal Board, Snake cable system, …). This will bring me some budget to expand my studio – probably Avid Artist Mix or Nuendo 5

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