Next progress

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So, long time silence? I love silence, but in these days I make new sounds, shopping and preparing new articles. Stay Tuned…

What software for audio editing

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I am big fan of Ableton Live daw but this is good solution for music/sound creation but what to do when you arrived from session in nature and you need to clean the your records?

There are three main software on the market:

  • Sony Sound Forge – actual version is 10
  • Adobe Audition – actual version is 3
  • Steinberg WaveLab – actual version is 6

After about 2 months of research, watching tutorials and testing I haven’t winner each software has great futures but many cons. Whats is good in one is very bad in another, but I need anything good, intuitive and robust.

Result of my research is waiting to WaveLab 7 :/ I hope that Steinberg going to finish it soon :)

First urban sound

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Today I switched to Audition and there is fading sound o leaving Metro train in Prague…


Uff, too many noise around me

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Yesterday, i make some recordings in the metro (underground) station with moving stairs and today I have some shots of my dog on parent’s garden… Material from garden (around 2 minutes of recording) is absolutely unusable because of day traffic planes and cars :( .

OK weekend is coming that I hope make some new sound and I will share it.

First big record session

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Today I challenge my shy and make some great sounds from every day life like Metro station sound, technical library ambient and many more. Check my blog later for some taste :)