Steinberg NUENDO 5

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Have you ever tried this? Fast powerfull. I am currently testing 120 day trial!? And I am amazed. Why do things complicated? Media bay – tool for media database maintain is very cool. And of course platform and hardware indipendency is big plus.

Always read manual…

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I am always skipping manuals. They are boring long sometimes without pictures. If these sentences fully describe your opinion it is time to change!!!

Before you start work with any manual supplied with software or hardware. I know that is not ideal when you need fast results immediately, but you can avoid misunderstood or disasters after. I also recommended to read manual before buying any software because technical description of products always lies. Trust me I work in big international company and I cooperate with PR. Manuals cannot lie because fully describe all features of soft (or hardware).

After reading of documentation of Steinberg Nuendo 5 i found that i have many plugins redundant and I have been able to work faster. And as bonus i found many useful tips for situation which i was unable to solve. Same story for FabFilter plugins.

Do not be under stress well known software is key for better performance and good results!

Clean-up VST mess

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I hate mess. But my VST folder was absolute mess. Do you think that you really need all plugins bundle and something more? That’s the point where you are absolute sound genius or absolutely beginner who only collect plugins and doing useless work – as I am to now :)

It’s spring I clean the mess now. I restrict my VST  plugins to Nuendo 5 standard plugins, FabFilter (eq, compresor),  NuGen (stereo pack) and excelent Compresor – Tube Tech CL1 from Softube and I am happy.

Bee happy clean up your VST (or RTAS) folder.

TC Electronic Flashback Delay & Hall of fame Reverb

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Finally I sold my old gear and make new investments to small and simple guitar solution. I love these pedals – more about it later :) now it’s time to use it no playing with tons of useless presets…

How to choose right DAW

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All major problem of all Americans or world blogs is concept that Avid Pro Tools is the industry standard. In this dogma I have tried to choose my right software as well as I can.

After one year of active working with sound and film I tried almost all major system except the Pro Tools – they haven’t trial?! It’s very hard well known software with something what I know from blogs, forums and social media like twitter or facebook. But what I can say From this experience is that your results is absolute independent on software an of course plugins..

Result is about skills, room acoustic, hardware and most important. creativity and critics listening.

Why I can said that? Simple. Take a look to all major software like sonar, Ableton or Cubase (and of course all other from your imagination) every software has in less 192 kHz support and minimal 32 bit floating point precision, all have some kind of usable basic plugins which you can replace with your favorite plugins (almost all major brands have similar licenses for RTAS and VST), in each software you can add video file – you can do basic post-production work.In conclusion you don’t need software as industry standard or best post-solution you need creative ideas and this is something what you can’t do by software…

And what is my final choice? Stay tuned!

To sell or Not to sell, that’s a question

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As active musician I bought many gear.. Like others. Band need this. But these days I haven’t any band and no plans to “waste” time with small local band without any progress. I love playing my guitar with programmed bass and drums (I love XLN Audio – Addictive drums VSTi plugin).

My plans for future are audio programming, post production for indipendent and documentary films, recording and sound design for cinema, adverts and games. And now question what to do with “dusty” unused gear in my small studio?

It’s not simple question but 25W of full valve amp connected to my tuned pedal board isn’t good for neighbor relationship :)

Due the last year emulation of good guitar effects made big progress and I have decided to sell my pedal board (Nova Drive, Nova System, Pedal Board, Snake cable system, …). This will bring me some budget to expand my studio – probably Avid Artist Mix or Nuendo 5

Car-wash …. finaly

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After many obstructions which I am going to explain later here is car-wash:

Car-wash by bilekt3


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Next interesting sound: car-wash coming soon. Post processing….

New record

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Time is bitch, I haven’t time for anything what I love :(

But last weekend I made change. I recorded this sound of old tinny gate of our old rowing club hangar…

Tinny gate to old rowing club hangar by bilekt3

Total reconstruction

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OK, new year here and I have made many decisions related to my career and future being. This site is under total reconstruction – I will present new sounds every week. Preparing special library with Czech underground (useless but fun) and starting freelancer support for sound and music business.

Stay tuned…